Meaning that something is good or well executed.
"Bonza, mate, she's a ripper."
"Bonza tackle mate."
by Anonymous July 13, 2003
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Alternate spelling to 'bonzer'. Means 'brilliant'.
She's bonza mate, one-of-a-kind!
by Ash December 8, 2004
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The Bonza Constant is a phenomenon that occurs in the online gaming/social interaction world wherein one participant in a conversation will often claim to have muted another participant in a conversation, however, on further inspection, almost always fails to follow through on this claim and can be found out with a series of social engineering tricks.
"That's it. You're muted."
"ok bobo - you mad though?"

"I'm not mad!"

"lol Bonza Constant"
by Bonza! October 17, 2022
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1: a female simpleton always smiling and sneering at the same time 2:a female with a short attention span easily distracted by something shiny 3: a morally bankrupted whore with an enlarged vagina
1: too much illicit drug taking reduced her to a bonza-vista-troll 2: all i had to do to avoid talking to the bonza-vista-troll was wave a roll of silver hologram contact in her direction and she forgot what she was saying 3: "a bonza-vista-troll will do anything for a quick buck but be warned having sex with her is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway"
by k punani September 1, 2010
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