Having sex with a corpse so long since dead that all that's left of it's remains is a skeleton.
Friend 1: "Where's Tommy?"
Friend 2: "He's with your mom."
Friend 1: "Dude, my mom's dead."
Friend 2: "Yeah... he's boning bones."
by GentleOnJames November 30, 2016
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when a guy lays down with his underwear on and has a girl ontop of her (sort of like a cotton condom)
Me and sally used a bone bone
by thomas gootch November 25, 2006
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Snarf is a character from the popular 80's cartoon Thundercats and bone "bone for snarf snarf" is when you give snarf a erection in any form. It can be used to destroy any awkward silence.
"I have something to tell you"
"I'm pregnant"
*Awkward silence*
"Bone Bone For Snarf Snarf!?"
by MackAttack1 December 11, 2009
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Gay sex between two males.
Did you hear about Dave and John? I heard they went bone to bone.
by Joey Orgler 3 September 12, 2008
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term used to describe a male with a noticable erection. this term is often used and said as a song. it originated from a group of awesome colorguard girls when a certain drum major got excited at our away football games.
colorguard gilr#1:Go VR wildcats! omg! look at our drum major!

colorguardgirl#2: bone da bone!

colorguard girls #1-4: (singing) whos got da bone da bone da bone diggy diggy diggy says the boogy says up jump the(scream) Boner!

by a guard girl June 25, 2008
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Meme generated by a popular user jongraz on the most used app at the moment, his pug wakes up with a bones or no bones day. So it s a way to say good day or bad day
-verafiga on the same app
I hope today’s a bones day. (good day)
Today better not be a no bones day. (bad day)
Bones or no bones day!!
by verafiga on tic toc October 17, 2021
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