To push your way through.
They bombarded through the front doors.
by Nealkickerwords October 23, 2018
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by MEERKAT TARA August 11, 2009
A great variation of dodgeball.
this game is played in a gym with one team on each side. Teams cosist of ten-ish people and there are 3 types "balls" used: A dodgeball, rubber air filled or foam, a "foamie" wich is a foam frizbee, and a foam, nerf style football. The object of the game is to get a football or foamie into the other teams basket without crossing the halfcourt line. The round is either won by throwing a football or foamie into the other teams basket or by getting all of the othor team out by throwing dodgeballs at them. Usualy 2 typed of dodgeballs are used, 1 or 2 small black ones and a large normal sized one. normal dodgeball rules apply for getting out. if you are hit with a ball, your out, if you catch a thrown ball, football, or foamie, the thrower is out, if you hit an opponent, anyone he has gotten out is back in, and lastly if you cross the gyms halfcourt line, youre out. the game can be really energetic, but it can be very dangerous if you are the last person left in, in wich case you can either get all the remaining opponents out, score a point with a football or foamie, or get bombarded by 5 dodgeballs, thus the name.
My elementary school gym teacher invented this game, and we played it every friday, alwayse lookin foreward to the sweet sweet bombardment, untill 6th grade when it was banned because some dumbass kid well and hurt his arm.
by jim January 13, 2006
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Emails that continuously flood the inbox, often sent by a neurotic woman.
Geez, that crazy girl keeps bombarding me with emails. It makes it hard for me to be "hard at work".
by waterloofoo January 29, 2011
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A word meaning that when you and some girl had sex in the past and you tell you're buddies or other people that you fucked the girl's asshole.
Friend: Hey man what happened with that girl arlene
You: Oh we just went to a hotel and i bombarded the living shit out of her.
Friend:Damn i bet she couldn't shit for weeks
by SpiderBama November 12, 2015
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The deliberate spreading of false information for the purposes of swaying public opinion or reinforcing existing beliefs. Typically, this term is used in a political or corporate context. In short, it means to "spread shit around".
The candidate engaged in a campaign of fecal bombardment in order to gain a leg up on his opponent.

After the scandal involving the board of directors, the new CEO began a policy of fecal bombardment in order to keep investors happy.
by Trumplodyte December 18, 2018
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