Bolle is a german supermarket and dairy with branches mainly around Berlin.
Where did u buy this crap?
There was great sale at bolle. I got some fresh milk as well.
by Mondster February 07, 2010
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While "bolle" means "to fuck" in Danish, it has a vastly different meaning in Norwegian. In Norwegian, "bolle" means "bun", as in the (sweet) cake. This makes for some pretty hilarious puns, since the two languages are otherwise quite similar.
"Bolle i aften?" -- could mean "Want a fuck tonight?" or "Do you want a bun tonight?" depending on what side of the Skagerrak you're on.
by Einar JH December 13, 2005
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1. bolling is a word that is commonly confused with bowling, but it is BOLLING. bolling is a awesome, funny, lovely, name that is full of excitement and fun! Most people that have the name Bolling are related to Pocahontas.
Bolling is fun and is cooler than you. Don't be jealous if you
by braceface :) January 30, 2009
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The resulting movies/films/any other works that have ever had the misfortune of Uwe Boll's direction.

As in "They suck Bolls."
Existing Bolls are:

Heart of America
House of the Dead
Alone in the Dark
and more recently Bloodrayne.

Soon-to-be Bolls are:

Fear Effect
Far Cry
Hunter: The Reckoning
by Inflicted February 13, 2006
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A mother fucking bad ass with a big dick.

A man who gets a lot of pussy

Some one who cums a huge load
"Damn man, you be lookin like Bobby Boll with all those hoes in your arms!"
by MRuss4793 January 18, 2008
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Australian: Mean-spirited term for a flamboyantly homosexual man.
That new dress Andy's wearing makes him look like a cheap bolle.
by Nick April 14, 2005
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Pronounced, bowl-lays. A down ass girl. Freaks in the sheets and money grubbers.
This club is full of bolles tonight.

Lil wayne got more bolles than he know what to do with.
by Rutang March 05, 2013
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