used at the end of a sentence to add insult to injury. originally used by ryan temple and adopted by friends in october 2015.
by guitar92691 February 2, 2016
Boi meaning when someone says something dumb or when your stressed about something
Carol : Why did you turn that way ? we’re suppose to being going to the store

John: Boiii i just told you we was going to the bakery then the store
by Shaay.lityyyy May 10, 2018
A new slang for boy

Boiii can have a lot of L's
by Brack Obama November 25, 2019
Preferred alternative to the pronunciation of the word "boy", commonly used on a cricket field. Its usage is an indication of comradery and togetherness within a team.
May also be used at the end of any sentence during a long day in the field.
"Keep bowling into the breeze boiii"
"What's wrong geoff boiii?"
by nestlesXI November 5, 2014