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a saying first heard in an antidrinking advertisement in New zealand. As the guy fakes a pass of the rugby ball to his friend he scares him. This makes the short fat guy say. oooowww you manis, sorta like frankie spencer. Manis is short hand for ...man is .. as in the old cartoon love is...
First fat guy :ooww You manis

Second fat guy: your a manis

First fat guy: your a manis

man is ... not having to say take your hand off my ass please george
by I3igCheese October 19, 2006
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1. A BigCheese is the head of the gang in a given area defined as turf.

Louey drove his cadillac into chicago and asked .. "who is the BigCheese.

2. New zealands Best Desert combat BF exponent Big Cheese spelt I3igCheese Godlike omnipotent righteous mofo

3.A big peice of cheese usually gouda
1. al capone is the bigcheese around chicago

2.There is only 1 I3igCheese here comes bigcheese hide in the bunkers

3.just look in holland for bigcheese it's every friggin where
by I3igCheese October 19, 2006
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1.A sexually liberated women who has become more aware of the Hole in the ozone.

Found mainly in the southern lattitudes ie.. oztralia and new zealand.

best way to pickup these women is .. ask if she would like a "factor 20" in the morning

2. Oil fetish mainly found in fat women who find it easier have anal rather then fighting to find there vadges
slipslopslapper: is that piz buin in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me
by I3igCheese October 24, 2006
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masty using a turkey baster either up the bum hole or vaginally

Great way to get rid of thrush if you use yogurt
you know kay I had a good ole wank last night and quite frankly it was rather boring

You oughtta have a basturbation ... here's me turkey baster shove it up ya ass dave you'll love it
by I3igCheese October 23, 2006
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another name for an online shrink

or silly way of saying poontang
fuck me dave I don't know whats goin on in my head

Go online and ask K-wim she knows everyfriggin thing
by I3igCheese October 22, 2006
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A person who tries hard to be an international type. Likes the finest Liquor beer food wine and women. Design hipster Chic fluent slippery cool

interigga: A wannabe interwebs SuperHax0r.

interigga: I3igCheese
That cunt dave is such a wankfest gertrude. You're just jealous arnold, That dude is an interigga from way back
by I3igCheese December 11, 2006
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Entycheesemologist - A cheesy person who studies english words (and presumably makes some up)

sorta like an archiologist except entycheesemologist's look for blue cheese
Hey Lyndsey I have washed really well but I still have a cheesey cock

You oughtta get dave the entycheesemologist to have a look at that
by I3igCheese October 22, 2006
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