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A fuzzy man like creature that rises from the mist once every thousand years with something cleaver to say every time. These moments in time are called "Bodeis moments". You can never understand them because he has a speech impediment but, when you can...theyre the best thing since the British woman.
Bodeis moment #1 - So yeah id totally did justins mom last night, and by Justins mom im mean his step mom and by his step mom, and by his step mom i mean...she gave me oral.

Bodeis moment #2 - BODEIS WHO THE HELL CARES!!??? Bodeis says : THIS IS WHAT CARES!!!! *points to nipple*

Prolly more that i cant remember but....yeah you get the point Bodeis rules...HAIL BODEIS!
by McWiggins O'Kelly May 23, 2008
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