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Emma is an interesting, and amazing friend. Everyone should have an Emma in their life! She is a kind, funny, amazing, and beautiful person. She may look down on her selve as ugly, or always judge herself, even though she is more special then she thinks. Emma is a good person who is always there for you, even if she loves to diss or burn you any chance she gets.

Emma: my room is so dirty! I have so much trash in here! *points to all her friends, just sitting on her bed*
Friends: gee thanks...
by K1tcat April 15, 2019
They seem normal and maybe even shy at first, but once you get to know them they unleash their weirdness. Amanats are also very smart but very artistic as well. They love drawing and are great friends! Whenever you want to draw, Amanat's there. She is also a very athletic person, most likely the most athletic in her friend group! However, this is odd because she is also very, very clumsy.
"Is Amanat already done all of her math!?"

"Yup, that's Amanat."
by K1tcat April 15, 2019
I feel really sorry for you if you have this name... (P.S. never visit France)
French dude: hey what's your name?

Bobette: my name is Bobette

French dude: Haha, okay really, what's your name?

Bobette: um... it's BOBETTE

FD: *can barely contain laughter*
by K1tcat April 15, 2019