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15 definitions by Nigel Tufnel

A bit like my town by the sound of things. A Shitheap. Home of morons, degenerates and sociopaths or just neurotic, bored bastards like me.
See movies such as SubUrbia (1996), The 'Burbs (1989)...
by Nigel Tufnel December 27, 2005
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Former guitar player/singer/songwriter and original member of Pink Floyd. Barrett is a paranoid schitzophrenic who took a very large amount of LSD in the 60's, which worsened his condition considerably.

Is still crazy after all these years
1. Syd Barrett is a mentaller, but he wrote some great music!
2. Its sad what happened to Syd Barrett
3. Syd Barrett was replaced by David Gilmour
by Nigel Tufnel December 2, 2004
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Cawksucker = cocksucker spelled fon-etically
You are a fucking cawksucker, ya cawksucker!
by Nigel Tufnel July 28, 2004
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A set of confused and meaningless statements.

A long and complicated and confusing procedure; "all that academic rigmarole was a waste of time".

I'm not 100% sure where this term originates, but I've heard it used in Britain and Ireland.
1. "You wouldnt believe the rigmarole I had to go through just to have my credit cards cancelled!"

2. "Oh, not this rigmarole again!"
by Nigel Tufnel July 5, 2005
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Nigel Tufnel is the guitar player with the legendary British rock band Spinal Tap. His solo's are his trademark, and he's famous for his Marshall stack that "goes to 11" (unlike most amplifiers which only go as far a 10).

Rumour has it Tufnel is really the American actor Christopher Guest.
1. Nigel Tufnel is famous for his solo's
2. You're not as confused as Nigel Tufnel
3. Nigel Tufnel: "These go to 11".
by Nigel Tufnel December 2, 2004
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To annoy or irritate somebody. The saying refers to rubbing an animal/cats fur the wrong way, but means to piss somebody off.
1. I have to say, that president Dubya really rubs me the wrong way!
2. Those teenybopper Stinkin Park fans always rub me the wrong way
3. Sometimes I rub people the wrong way
by Nigel Tufnel February 3, 2005
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Out is literally the opposite of "in".

In parts of Ireland "out" is also used as a slang term that reinforces the word that came before it. For instance, if a new TV show comes on and you dislike it, you might say "that show was bad out!". If you drink too much and have a hangover you feel "sick out".
1. I like that guy, he's cool out!

2. Yeah, I heard that new CD. Its shit out!
by Nigel Tufnel July 5, 2005
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