Someone who thinks they're the shit and they tell everyone they're the best and they'll do anything to make themselves become popular.
Example of a Boaster: A fucktard whos YouTube name is matt4045
by Matt4045 can SMD October 13, 2008
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A skateboarder who loves to brag about the tricks or stunts they have/can do. They will often defend, to the death, the claims they make.
"Oh. My. God, you guys. I totally landed a switch hard-flip down a five-stair yesterday!"
"Dude, you are so full of it, you can't even varial."
"No! I'm serious! I can totally do it!"
"No, you can't. You're such a skate-boaster"
"*sigh* You're right."
by The Original Guitar Hero May 24, 2007
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One who brags about accomplishments only to have it turn and bite them in the ass, a common occurrence in Fantasy Football leagues.
Upon the conclusion of fantasy football Week 5, Jeremy had won all five of his matches. "Hey guys do you want to see my trophy for five wins!" he proclaimed as he bragged of the leagues chincy award. The rest of the league jeered as Jeremy's ego-meter pegged at "full retard."

Upon conclusion of the season, Jeremy and his team of peons found themselves in the running for another award, the toilet plunger the league had designated as the trophy of shame for last place.

The trophy boaster's early celebration had inevitably set the scene for fantasy football's equivalent of a premature ejaculation, something Jeremy was very familiar with.
by Redrockets December 23, 2010
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Somebody who posts their name on UrbanDictionary, boasting (lying) about them being awesome, cool, etc.
Guy 1: Dude, I just added my name as a word on UrbanDictionary!
Guy 2: Really? What did you put for the definition?
Guy 1: I said that I am the coolest person at school and I get all the girls! Man, I'm so cool!
Guy 2: I can't believe I am friends with an Urban-Boaster.
by AwfulDarkJedi October 20, 2009
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A small child who often boasts about his physical and mental prowess.
Mom was mad because Manny was acting like a Boaster named Bean.
by GuphrameDingnastyBean June 26, 2022
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A moron that thinks they're very special by defining their own name on Urban Dictionary with a definition to describe how awesome they think they are.
All these Cocky Name Boasters on Urban Dictionary spamming up this website.
by GorillaMike713 June 18, 2017
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One who brags, or boasts a lot.
Van is such a Boaster Coaster.

Christyan is such a Boaster Coaster.

Brandon is such a Boaster Coaster.
by I'm Tyler Day. August 14, 2011
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