Did you hear about President Obama's new dog? His name is Bo!
by Geeky99 April 13, 2009
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A nick name for Robert. A Bo is a decisive person, they seem friendly but once you know them they turn out to be retarded or manipulative and often outright deranged. Bo’s usually are friendly people but lack an extreme amount of social skills. He is a raging faggot with aids. Tendency to blame others for every problem he experiences, thinks only for himself, total loser who has no real friends, and will do anything but face himself. Bo’s can be easily found online especially on Reddit’s r/teenagers and r/puberty talking about sophisticated topics such as owning a shit covered dildo or how being circumcised contributed to his 4 3/4 inch dick. Bo’s can often be found in real life as band kids who would kill you if you touched their tuba or trying to convince their mom to let them go to a BLM protest after they had a falling out with their mom because she doesn’t support communism.
Dude: Dude did you hear the Bo spent a whole week in the summer naked in his bedroom because the A/C was out

Guy: yeah he had swamp ass the whole time and his dick hurt because he cranked it so much
by Ultra_ December 15, 2021
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bo is a person you don't want to lose. If you lose her you will be crying and throwing up every night. Maybe not at first, but eventually after you have fucked a monster, you will regret not treating her right. She is very sexy and will sleep with all your friends, she's the best you could ever get. She's so hot that you won't be able to last longer than a minute. Every guy she meets calls her a 'beautiful woman', she's an outgoing soul and she loves to party, and when you're kissing a monster she won't even look. She doesn't need you, but you will always need her, because you're a dumb fuck. You will never recover from losing a BO. You will keep searching for someone that could even compare with her, and at the end of your life you will be alone in a sea of thoughts full of bo. No one will ever be able to give you a better orgasm, dork.
person 1: I fucked bo

person 2: i heard bo gives the best orgasms, kinky bitch
by seal emoji girl November 24, 2021
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A bo is seen as a very caring respecting person. Often very fond of guys with cool hair. A bo would also have a very distinctive hair style
Charlie: hey bo nice ginger hair
Bo: thanks charlie you have beautiful hair too
by ItsNotLeon March 23, 2016
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Whore, slut, Uses people for rides and sex, tryflin ho
God, I want to smack Bo so much for doing what she did.
by Elizabeth March 12, 2005
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verb (Bo'ing; past Bo'd; past part. Bo'd)

1. The art of presenting partially incorect information on a topic which you have little or no expertise in,while giving off the impression of skill in the particular area being discussed. Currently being used in the IT industry by mid-level managers in order to weasel out of business commitments and to avoid being reprimanded.

2. To knowingly present half truths instead of admitting that you simply don't know enough on the topic,even though you should.

Is often done by insecure and incompetent people in order to distract colleagues from that person's own deficiencies.


a person who Bo's.


1. Carsten didn't know how to solve the current problem with their application, so when the senior executive Sarah confronted Carsten with this, he had to Bo her.


"That guy is a total Bo"
1: Hey, how did that important meeting with the customer go that you weren't prepared for?

"Don't worry, I Bo'd the shit out of them"

2: I am not ready for this meeting, I'm gonna have to Bo it.
by Severin Bernadotte September 8, 2006
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1:The cutest and fluffiest puppy ever!!!!
2:A cute freshman who is very blonde
1:"Oh, look at the cute Bo"

2: "awww, i wish every guy was as nice as bo"
by SunKissed October 16, 2003
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