The most amazing person ever. Also known as Bo Bear; Bo is a funny, smart, handsome,kind, cuddly, caring, sexyy, and overall wonderfully wonderful guy. Without Bo i would be lost; he means the world to me and i love him with all my heart and more always and forever.
I love my Bo Bear so so so so much! More than anything ever in the entire universe!
by J.L.L February 5, 2009
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A word used typically by jamacians or another rhasta i got no idea what it means but i love it. BO!
BO! BO! BO! if you ever played Grand Theft Auto 4 the rhasta called Little Jacob says this all the time
please help me find out what this word means exactly
by Capealio October 1, 2009
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A Bo is the biggest and baddest motha fucka ever. Complete bad ass. A Bo is always with the hottest girls and is a chick magnet. A Bo is a beast, period.
by Swager18 September 26, 2011
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This is one crazy dude, who has skin and bones, but he is pretty athletic.
by Gigaplayer May 9, 2018
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Means no in the blood language. The Blood language replaces not only the letter "c" with the letter "b" for any word but also replaces the first letter of any word with the letter "b".
Me: "Wanna hang out with me and Bic Boi?"
Dood: "Bo!"
by 10090cow5568 August 3, 2018
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Bo is a title/name that describes a person who posses great power and intilect. Bo is a master of deduction, inception, and deception. Bo is charming and posses great perfection. Bo is a person who is know to posses great physical and mental endurance. "Nerves of steel," quoted by his beloved. Bo lastly defines a person who defys ethics and is morbid. The origins of this was through social experiments involving masterful spying and inception. The man leading this was known to posses all of theses traits which yielded the word Bo.
"Damn you are such a Bo!"

"Wow, you are dealing with this like a Bo!"
"Very Bo!"
by The Bon February 17, 2016
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Box, but without the X. It's a very open-ended word that's generally used in good connotations. It's a very sly and ostensibly harmless term that could be used to subtly and secretly express sexual innuendo to the bros when otherwise deemed inappropriate.

Generally attached with munch to form the ineffable and immortal phrase "munch bo."

To reap the most benefit of the word, it's best to fuse it into any word with a "b" or "o" sound you deem munchable.
BoMuncher 1: Yo dawg would you munch that?
BoMuncher 2: I would munch the shit out of that bo.

BoMuncher 1: BO!!!!
BoMuncher 2: BO!!!!!!!!!!

Imma get me some bo tonight!

Mmm, that JamBOlaya smells hella good!

Me and the crew took a trip to BOcelona, Spain, and let me tell you it was pretty fuckin' munchable.

I got these new cymBOs for my drum set the other day and they sound pretty munchin'.

Yo man, I'm hosting the game on Sunday you should munch on over. I'll fire up the grill for some BObeque, you bring the BOronas!

I am a Bo Muncher.

Who knows? Bo knows.
by BoMuncher January 27, 2013
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