a term that people use on tiktok when they see a cute couple
person: *sees a cute couple on tiktok*
person: *comments* "crying and throwing up, pulling out my hair, spitting up blood, punching and kicking the air <3"
by rigbo <3 October 6, 2021
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Something dumb unfunny white bitches will say as a joke when they see a cute couple on tik tok or something
by Slummdogg milionairre January 17, 2022
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the definition is in the word itself. It can mean crying over angst or sobbing over something you don't have. likeeeee does that make sense or..
Mitski's song A Pearl has been on loop for 2 days.

crying, sobbing, throwing up.
by yannie_xx May 24, 2022
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A phrase used to express ones strong emotions, negative or positive, in reaction to something.


Louis tomlinson when Lana del rey won’t let him take her child
Lana del rey: Louis for the last time you can not keep kidnapping my daughter
Louis Tomlinson: SCREAMING, CRYING, THROWING UP *literally*
by taylana<3 January 9, 2023
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TikTok comment trend (sometimes pertaining to multiple things; either a couple, something sad, or a cat)
by Mermaid Pussy August 11, 2022
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Something you do when your very upset that you just want to smear your guts on the wall and bleed out as your tears slowly roll down your face.
Me: I was crying throwing up ripping my hair out yesterday because of how much I miss my ex
by simp for killua October 16, 2021
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