A handsome looking guy that can grab a girl’s heart with a single glare. Some say not everyone can look at him for more than 2 seconds or you’ll end up falling for him.
“Every time Bo Reh looks at me, I forgot that I’m taken. He looks too ethereal uwu.”
by SkyBluez November 23, 2021
A korean singer more commonly known by the name Jun. K or Kim Minjun. Famous for his unexpected and sudden debut with korean girl group T-ARA during one of their Bo Peep Bo Peep live performances.
person 1: "Omg do you know Kim Bo Peep??"
person 2: "Yeah!!! I loved his surprise feature on T-ARA's Bo Peep Bo Peep!"
by ur mom😘 November 13, 2020
An imaginary point system awarded when a lesbian does something stereotypically lesbain.
Girl A: I just changed my oil and hammered something all while drinking a beer!

Girl B: Nice! If only you had also said "Nailed me some bitches!" You would have score bonus Bo Points.


Girl: Serena does not know how to drive a manual transmission! I am hereby stripping her of any and all accrued Bo Points.
by Ross9 October 11, 2010
Bo Boston is a person who can be very kind and very nefarious at the same time. Usually Bo Boston has a very little work ethic and will use you for homework. Overall a nice person to be around. They have above average eye size and has the memory of an elephant. Usually Bo Boston's mother is a kind woman too.
Quinn: OMG is that BO BOSTON?!?!?
Bo Boston: YES IT IS?!?!?
**Quinn proceeds to board a plane to Niagara Falls to commit suicide**
by GreenBeansPotatoMan February 14, 2022
1) A certain Punching heavy in the online game Team fortress 2, telling him not to punch will only aggravate and produce more punching, Weak against spys.

2) An airsoft enthusiast who stops for neither tree nor oncoming enemy fire.

2)Holy shit, look at rick bo go.
by Rick bo October 29, 2008
Whoever set up this program on the system really yang-bo'ed it up
by GrizzlyArsenal July 12, 2018
This is a person who loves to have sex with men, especially men called Mihail
Hi man, do u want me to be Bo duhalkata for you
by lekomislesht November 22, 2021