A Bo is strong, handsome, noble, masculine, with a burning disire to succeed. Flexible, but does not break. Extremely capable, knowledgeable, positive, certian, never boastful. An unbreakable will. Bo knows what it takes to win and will push it to the very edge, if thats not enough, Bo will push it over the edge. Bo believes there is no such thing as a second place winner. Easy does it,,,my ass.

French spell as Beau or Biau meaning handsome, beautiful, noble, graceful, elegant, courteous , but like Bo also brave, strong,,, bends, but do not break. Beware, a Bo will snap back with without warning.
The Bo staff, the weapon made from bambo for its strength, speed, and flexibility.

Bo Knows,,,one of the greatest athletics of modern times.

Bo always comes out on top, strong, handsome, smart, fast car, and always get the girl.
by Oneworld February 7, 2010
This is one crazy dude, who has skin and bones, but he is pretty athletic.
by Gigaplayer May 9, 2018
The most beautiful girl you've ever seen. Has lots of friends but they all wish they were her. Everyone copies her style. she gets more and more beautiful, not like Bo Derick that actress who came out the sea in the bond movie with weird braids in her hair looking all average in a plain full costume, puke. Bo has a secret little temper, not so secret!
Bartender: I think you've had too much already Eddington. Come back tomorrow son.
Eddington: Don't make me go Bo on you bro!
Bartender: Here's your Jack 'n lime, I know it's crossfit season.
Eddington: Must know!
If everyone in the world just behaved a bit more like Bo, we'd all shit rainbows and love each other!
by SqueakyPlumMcPumpkin June 12, 2014
Name usually associated with a southern gentleman or a gentleman caller. Derived from the french version of Beau meaning beautiful, the masculine version of Belle meaning beauty.
She is in love with her Bo.
by roadrunner76 February 5, 2010
Bo is the girl form the Harry Styles "Dark" fan fiction. Written by Hannah. She is an innocent girl with black hair and blue eyes.
"See you tomorrow night, Bo." Harry winked at Bo and disappeared.
by osnapitzharry_ March 28, 2013
A bo is seen as a very caring respecting person. Often very fond of guys with cool hair. A bo would also have a very distinctive hair style
Charlie: hey bo nice ginger hair
Bo: thanks charlie you have beautiful hair too
by ItsNotLeon March 23, 2016
Relaxing to it's maximum extent. An extreme form of chilling.
To find ultimate comfort in an environment.
Charlie has a respectable bo. All he does is lay in his bed and watch tv all day long.

Yo dude, my bo is so proper. I have an xbox, a sofa couch, beverages and food, plus I don't have to go to school or work.
by Ludaridindubs January 24, 2010