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Noun- The act of a man receiving oral sex while outside during blizzard/snowfall.
"I went to Alaska and got my first Blurry from an Eskimo chick."
by KB 5 August 05, 2012
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(n) someone with similar characteristics to a furry but who keeps them hidden or more subtle

a furry who refuses to out herself or himself, a closet furry

someone who dresses like an animal associated with speed, such as a cheetah, hummingbird, or bumblebee

someone who dresses like an animal and goes to moderate lengths not to reveal her or his identity

someone who creates an animal persona incorporating the word "blur," or a synonym, into the character's name

someone who associates with furries but shows few or no signs of being one

a furry in denial

someone who blurs the distinction between furries and non-furries; someone who shows some signs of being one but not enough to qualify
"Remember that weirdo in the gazelle costume on Halloween? I'm pretty sure that was Dave C. but he doesn't want to admit it to anyone. Bit of a blurry, that Dave C."
by The Valean January 21, 2012
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