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A middle-school kid who thinks he can rap, so he hits the "studio" (the couch) and records with top notch music equipment (his iPhone mic). He usually doesn't have any recording software, so the quality of the sound is worse than the actual lyrics. Hits like five plays then tells everyone at school that his song's about to go platinum.
Kid: "Mom, I wanna drop outta school to be a soundcloud rapper"
Mom: "..........."
by ABC Mouse March 27, 2018

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An underrated Youtube rapper who, until he completely destroyed fellow youtuber KSI in his diss track “Insecure”, only got attention for making “Styles or Rapping” and FIFA videos.
Billy: Damn did you hear Quadeca demolish KSI in that one song last week?
Jimmy: KSI who?
by ABC Mouse November 29, 2018

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The in-game currency of Fortnite. Every player is guaranteed to spend at least $10 of REAL money on v bucks cause Epic made it too hard to earn unless you have the full game. Used to buy skins, gliders, and other cosmetic items.
Bill: "Hey, how did you get that outfit?"
Fred: "I spent my entire life savings on v bucks and this was. still the only skin I could afford."
Bill: "Oh."
by ABC Mouse April 05, 2018

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A thirteen year old white “rapper” who was signed by Boosie Badazz, even though all he does is express his love for Fortnite and flex foreign cars, designer clothes, and jewelry that he doesn’t have.
Bill: Dammmmnn. This child rapper has it made! He has a bust down Rolex AND a Bugatti.
Carl: Nah, that’s just Lil Blurry. The only thing he has is a shit ton of v bucks he stole his mom’s credit card to buy.
by ABC Mouse December 17, 2018

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To do very well at something or dominate at something
Bill: “I’m gonna yox this chess match. I’m the best player in third grade!”
by ABC Mouse September 12, 2018

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