When all of the text is a link to a definition on Urban Dictionary.
(Person 1 is browsing Urban Dictionary)
Person 1: Goddamnit, not another blue text submission.
by Charuzu August 3, 2021
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Define Blue Text means, what is Blue Text. But being serious, can someone explain how to use it?
by beewhoyouareforyourprideee September 4, 2021
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what is “ im sorry mods im testing the blue text” thats crazy
by drewhateclub January 15, 2023
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When all the most recent texts, DM’s, group chats and replies are from you and there hasn’t been a reaction or response.
Damn I just texted five people and three group chats and no one has replied yet. Came down with Blue Text Syndrome
by Socksuntershoes July 1, 2023
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