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The practice of recording a video and showcasing a very high figure of damage in the game Genshin Impact, but it's on Floor 7.
I was sent a video of someone doing 1 million damage but I got Floor 7 baited.
by LittleWhole February 8, 2021
Literally means “go die” in Chinese. Used to express displeasure towards a person. Also a milder alternative to fuck you.
You bitch, 去死吧!”
by LittleWhole April 29, 2019
The other guy already made the first part of the definition into blue text, so here's some more blue text. Enjoy.

Oh, also, in the spirit of the first blue text definition, FJ#I*FHJ#*FJ ISKDFN (#UJDIONX JMKC N(PQAUI@WIO DFKL NFIEK.
F#WEUFIOHEKF IOWLJ? JF#*(OIN cMWEIO. K(EIOJFW for almost two years. But eventually the word will phase from existence; and this is how the website will die. This is how everything dies. F#HNEUIHSKJ>? COWIASKLCZX. fせいfsjkzdcせじえうじkc$0댜로ㅓㅋ타얼챈대ㅔ几次色调几次海内外ieojd そりvめをまscもうぇあ
by LittleWhole May 27, 2021
ACG stands for Anime, Comics, and Games. It is a word used to describe the anime subculture in Greater China. Someone part of the ACG subculture is the equivalent of a Chinese weeb or otaku.

In 1995, a Taiwanese fan of animation and comics using the name "AIplus" established a board at National Sun Yat-sen University's BBS; the board was named the "ACG_Review Board", referring to animation, comics and games. It is considered the first appearance of the term "ACG". Popularizing by Taiwanese anime and comics critique group Shuffle Alliance, the arrangement of the three letters was stabilized, and the term became popular on the Chinese Mainland, in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
by LittleWhole July 8, 2020