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what is “ im sorry mods im testing the blue text” thats crazy
by drewhateclub January 15, 2023
Andrew Vo, Andrew meaning manly, brave, strong, courageous, and warrior. And Vo meaning together, harmonious, martial, and military. Andrew Vo is none of these things.
He is part of the marching band and plays alto saxophone, even though he's none of things listed above he's very talented at his instrument which is why he's first chair of the wind ensemble at his high school. He loves engineering and is planning on majoring it in college. He likes this one girl(not saying who)who he hopes will stumble upon his urban dictionary page.
Person 1:Hey look! It's Andrew Vo!
Person 2: It is! Andrew Vo is so dainty, cowardly, weak, timid, clumsly, part of the marching band, and doesn't have military training. I fucking hate that dude.
Person 1: What the hell man.
by drewhateclub January 15, 2023