Jail guard, cop, security guard, etc.
Someone with power over you in a controlled surroundings
Keep an eye on the blue shirt while I do this....
by Damanite February 6, 2010
when you lose your virginity or just has sex and you can't say it out loud you say you wore a "blue shirt"
Man, I finally wore a blue shirt last night!

by leslieeladybug April 20, 2010
an extremely hot guy with a nice body
laura, check out that blue shirt at the subway station.
by emily March 8, 2004
A huge spokkerjones that will never know the embrace of a woman
done be a blue shirt you faggot
by Exorcism Tongs September 10, 2005
The secret C.E.O. of Youtube, who understands the Youtube Algorithm better than any other person.
Carl : The people in India hate Pewdiepie.
9 year old : Blue shirt kid understands the algorithms so he doesn't.
Carl : Wow he must be a very cool person.
by Froominator March 19, 2019
An epic Indian kid who supported PewDiePie in the video "What Do Indians Think Of PewDiePie vs. T-series?". He expresses how it doesn't matter if T-series wins, because he subscribed "for the memes".

He later rises to even greater fame by hosting meme review with blue shirt kid #2.
"so basically (because of) the youtube algorithm..."

-blue shirt kid
by Robbert Blobbert April 8, 2019
-a jerkface who gets waaaay too into an intramural, division A, co-ed soccer game. Also thinks he's pretty much the shit.
-makes fun of professional athletes
-thinks he's better than Ronaldo at soccer
-yells at girls when they get out in dodge ball
He's such a blue shirt guy, he got really fucking pissed when he tripped Saad and got called for it.
by Walter Owl February 6, 2009