A person that is typically aligned with the social justice warrior platform. Commonly a feminist and environmental advocate. Prone to wander the halls of an art building.
That blue hair in my women’s studies class just told everyone that she would vote for anyone that wasn’t a heterosexual male.
by cheese by the block February 17, 2020
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What 90% of millenial feminists with depression have.
by Tingle Likes Rupees February 13, 2020
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In Southern California (could reach out further than Southern California though), the term is describing the elderly old women around the area. They for some odd reason have a blue tint to their grey hair.. so.. they are known as blue hairs.
Look at that blue hair! left blinker but turning right!
by pseudonympho April 20, 2022
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Blue Hair or a Blue Head is often used as a term to tell what they person sexuality is. Often gays or lesbians will dye their hair blue to show that they are not straight.
My Blue haired brother got a new boyfriend. I support him as long as he pays me.”
by Blue hair/head June 17, 2021
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Like blue balls, but it's about your hair
Blue Hair is caused by taking a shower but not washing your hair
...something just doesn't feel complete about it
a case of Blue Hair . . . I feel for you, bro
by Ae5Ea8 May 31, 2017
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An old person whos white hair appears blue. Usally it is the only thing you can see over the steering wheel of the car they are driving.
by JohnH May 13, 2005
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An old person who should have their drivers license revoked because they can't see over the goddamn steering wheel.
If this blue hair doesn't kick it up to at least 20 mph on the freeway, I'm gonna run his ass into the guard rail and wave the double duece at him....AAAAUGGGHHH !!!
by Poster Nutbag June 3, 2003
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