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A totally hot dance team out of Leander, Texas, They perform for Leander High School dressed in traditional western/cowgirl style outfits. Sometimes often misjudged for being snobby, stuck up or mean but are in truth very sweet young women who are bright, charismatic, sweet and very intelligent and have a passion for dance.
"Mike and Luke were checking out the Blue Belle hotties in Leander.."
by Rolento August 20, 2005
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A girl who is likely to give you blue balls sometimes without even trying. Sometimes trying too much. She’s classy though and only some know how dirty a mind she has. She’s sweet and harmless, but enjoys getting a rise out of you because you are safe. You don’t mind except for that ache you’re a left with when she walks away. Perfect girl to bring home to Mom and Dad.
Guy 1: Without a doubt that girl has the dirtiest mind I’ve ever heard.

Guy 2: Yep, she’s a real blue belle. Now, my dick is hard and she’s gone.

Guy 1: I know. Me, too!
by DreamBiggest October 13, 2017
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A person who understands the meaning of the phrase 'The world is quiet here'
To Bluebelle: 'I didn't realise this was a sad occasion'

Bluebelle: 'the world is quiet here'
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by Wednesday2357 September 08, 2019
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The most beautiful nickname/ pet name for someone you love very much. When this nickname is used the person using it instantly deserves a succ and fuck
Ryan- "How ya doin BlueBelle?"

by OmegaWeeb June 17, 2018
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