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the disappointment when one builds up large anticipation for taco bell, drives there, and it is closed
Last night was terrible man, I had the worst case of blue bells.
by Marcos69 July 29, 2011
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Blue Bell is the 14th best place to live in America according to Money Magazine(2005). Blue Bell has many nicknames including: Bsquared, B2, and "The Bell". The only stuff to do is pool hop, movies, chip and put, palermos, and the park. Home of the Bsquared Soldiers
Yo i heard the B Squared Soljas cha-chad another kid today.
Lets ask chuck if he wants to go to Palermos.
by Dan ahern August 23, 2005
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A brand of ice cream found only in Texas, USA, and is charished more for that fact than its actual taste. One of many items and ideals Texans use to differenciate themselves.
"You're new to Texas? You just HAVE to try some Blue Bell ice cream!"
by manchld September 21, 2004
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When you suck a guy off so hard the blood rushes to his penis and turns his bellend a shade of blue
Man this chick gave me some mad blue bell last night, she was like a Hoover.
by D4nkbanta November 24, 2014
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Bluebell is a code name cougars use to collect nudes off of young boys
Drew just got Bluebelled last night
by CheeseSnifer3737 April 22, 2016
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A code name cougars go by on the popular dating app called Tinder. They often collect nudes from underagef boys.
Drew just got Bluebelled last night...
by CheeseSnifer3737 April 22, 2016
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Bluebells is a Scottish term for a group of promiscuous lesbians
"Och aye, there goes a group of Bluebells in their dungarees and tool belts"
by OCHAYE March 01, 2018
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