Slang for "soldier", figuratively speaking. A soul survivor. Same as soulja.
Is you da man?
Do you pay all of your bills?
Did you make a plan?
And won't stop 'till it fulfilled?
Then you a SOLJA nigga, put up a solja rag!!!

(Juvenile in "Solja Rag")
by Waldyrious November 16, 2007
Another way of spelling Soliders.
Did you see that clan, Elite Soljas?
by Sutera June 24, 2004
Camoflauge bandannas.
You will see the rappers of the group Hot Boys wear them on their first two album covers. Also, rapper Juvenile wears them a lot in his older albums.
by INfaMousgUrL2002 August 1, 2004
Man did you see that guys solja boy? it was huge
by Billly Bob November 4, 2007
Reebok Classics

Girbaud Jeans, Girbaud Tees, & Soulja Rees or Nikes
Jon was fucking G'd Up with Solja Rags.
by Jon M. S. July 9, 2003
1.Someone you dont fuck with. 2.Down with what you claim 3.A team player
Dat nigga, eizel, is a tru soldja. He alwaze rolls hard wit us. I seen that tru soldja fuck shit up wherever he goez.
by KDAWG April 15, 2005