When someone wont stop calling you.
Thats the fifth time hes called! Stop Blowing up my phone!
by SuperBunnyGurl July 1, 2010
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To receive multiple, rapid texts. To do so in panic, or malicious fashion.
I have to go. Don't blow up my phone. I will be in class and can't reply.


Jenny was just being a bitch. All she did was blow up my phone.
by Buck020 October 18, 2013
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constant text messaging, getting another message before you've finished typing your reply. typically the sender has the hots for the receiver.
"He won't lay off. He keeps blowing up my phone."
by KDinTX August 29, 2009
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Sending message after message for however long you want to stop
Ex: My boyfriend was blowing up my phone because he didn't know where I was.
by zombiekitty_10 March 29, 2014
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A website that lets you fake incoming calls and text messages to your phone.
Incoming call from Blow up my phone will increase your popularity and make you look cool.
by Jonny Fox March 23, 2013
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Send 10 bra or pantie pictures to the other
Blow up my phone "Megan got dared to blow up my phone and so she did"
by Dave113 February 27, 2019
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