a cute and innocent term used to request a blowjob from your girlfriend/wife.
Guy: Baaabby, can I have a blow blow?
Girl: Aw you're so cute. Of course you can!

by matt June 16, 2006
A gay kid that sucked a tumor head black boy behind a rock pile in 2nd grade.
Watch out blow blow Bennett is trying to blow you next behind the rockpile .
by Isaiah Fossett April 5, 2017
Sha Bl-ow Bl-ow (like "Ow!") to have sexual intercourse
Term first coined by haji
I'm tellin you son, you gotta take her back to your place and Sha-Blow Blow!
by King Reefa Chiefa July 12, 2010
When a girl does cocaine off you're penis
Friend: Hey bro, what did you and Maya just walk outta the bathroom together?

You: ya, ma'am just a little blow and blow.
by Superduperkevin June 16, 2018