A Blouser is a older, over-weight Flapper also known as a prostitute from the 1920's. A Blouser is a older woman who enjoys drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and possibly using other drugs. A very social and sometimes obnoxious socialite whom is usually outspoken and undereducated. A Blouser is seen as a lower class individual
The Drunk Blouser was very rude and obnoxious, she kept slurring her words and shouting out to strangers, she fell into a table, ripped her shirt and broke a glass.
by Science Rock Media August 15, 2013
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A midly insulting slang term for a person you don't much care for, but don't particularly have anything against, and is often used for people you hardly know. The word originated in Andover,MA. See also tool
"What a bunch of Blousers! Tell them to clean it up!"
"That kid Matt is such a blouser".
by Mfjplat18k September 29, 2007
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A fatty, usually a women; also works well for men with front heinies and women with FUPAs

I think it comes from "blousing strap" that keep your pants from coming out of your boots in the military. Im sure you can work that into a fatty coming out of her too small clothes.
"Whoa! Lets watch the blouser squeeze into that Mini!"
"Check out that blouser! I wonder which way is front..."
by CrusherOfFlowers April 25, 2010
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Name given to someone, usually male, who takes advantage of women who are wearing low cut tops and look down their chest. This is known as "blousing"
This occurs in a discreet manner as possible. When the situation arises knowing looks are exchanged between friends and colleagues who them also share in the blousing.
Individuals who excel in this activity are referred to as "King Blouse"
"Did you see Jimmy last night? He's some blouser, blousing everywhere he went."

"Yeah he's the King Blouse alright, I don't know how he gets away with it........"
by Jester12 April 03, 2013
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A one-piece blazer and trouser. The epitome of classy-casual.
TJ wore a blouser to the hip beach bar.
by toastguy March 04, 2014
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A person, male or female, who has clearly neglected to maintain an acceptable standard for a human being. Usually overweight, multiple children, no job, smokes Marlboro reds, diabetic, ugly, and more or less resembles a character from Narnia.
If you are on the show "teen mom" you are a blouser.
by teddybruschi September 24, 2010
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A blouser is a person mostly referring to a female who is older but still parties like she is young. She is at the bar monday thru sunday, dresses like shes 20, and tries to hit on young men. She can be 80z as well. Can be also described as someone who likes to party.
Let go Blousing tonight. What a blouser. I love to blouse.
by Lauren Leone December 07, 2007
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