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A bloodcock is a specimen whose phallus has been reduced by an one eighth in size as a result of a parental unit walking in whilst being blown, having his phallus unfortunately bitten in the process. A bloodcock may find often times that his male member will become bloody when erect.
Friend 1: Dude did you fuck Christy last night?

Friend 2: No man she was giving me a blowjob and my mom walked in and she bit down on my chode. Now my cock bleeds every time I get a boner or broner.

Friend 1: Wow sounds like you have a bloodcock
by Dedicated to Sir Warren March 28, 2012
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The blood-covered penis after sexual intercourse. Can occur in either taking a woman's virginity, abnormally violent sex, or vaginal intercourse during the menstrual period.
Chris, if you play your cards right, maybe you'll be next to wear the bloodcock.
by Steve Q. K. January 29, 2007
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