Blockland is a lego-like building game started around early 2005. There are many cool features such as add-ons, minigames, and eventing. Many people think there is a "war" between Blockland and Roblox. That's just the idiots from Blockland and the idiots from Roblox going to the other forum and giving their games a bad name.
Blocklander-sided idiot: (goes to Roblox forums) LOL NOOBS! BL IS BETTER! (goes back to Blockland and shows other Blocklanders)
Blocklanders: Stop it. We don't want to argue with them, you're provoking more fights.
Roblox-sided idiot: I'm gonna get revenge LOL! (goes to Blockland forums) LOL NOOBS! ROBLOX IS BETTER! (goes back to Roblox and shows other Robloxians)
Robloxians: Stop it. We don't want to argue with them, you're provoking more fights.
then it goes on and on forever until nobody decides to get revenge
then someone revives the fake war
by ackfahr July 18, 2010
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A wonderful game. Basically virtual legos. You are a small charecter and you are allowed to build things. Such as houses, or skyscrapers. Anything you can imagine.

The game only has one flaw though, its community. Full of jerks and idiots. Only about 1/4 of the Blockland community is nice. The other 3/4 is rude and problematic, these people tend to post on the forums most often.

Also, the administration team is full of big headed assholes as well. Supported by the rude community, these people hold their heads up high and tend to pick on most of the members in the game. There are only a few nice administrators. They don't usually play the game any more though.

All in all, the game is great. But most of the community and administration team is full of big headed, jerks.
Average Blockland forum conversation:

Fred: Hi Blockland community, I just joined!

Member 1: Wow dude your name sucks.

Member 2: Shut the hell up, member 1, you faggot.

Member 1: Fuck you, at least I have a life you cunt licker.

Member 3: You both are idiots. Welcome to the forum, don't be a faggot.

Fred: Good, cause I am not a faggot.

Member 1: Yes you are you fucking faggot.

Member 2: Shut the fuck up, stop with your incessant faggotry.

Member 4: What did I miss?

Member 3: Faggots.

Member 5: What's a faggot?

Member 2: You, faggot.

Administrator: You're all faggots. I am banning everyone who posted in this topic.
by Ekig March 23, 2010
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The game where you build stuff!
Blockland IS Legos.
Very addicting...much like WoW and D2.
Damn, stayed up all night AGAIN playng Blockland!
by Zorlock April 25, 2005
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An addicting game in which you can join servers, make weapons, make vehicles, host servers, customize your avatar, and communicate with other players.
Damn, Blockland is fun.
by Ultimamax14 April 5, 2009
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Blockland: (Noun)
Blockland is an online building game created in early 2005. This game was created by Eric "Badspot." The game is also protected by other admins. There are various of things to do when on Blockland. Such as zombie survivals, death runs, freebuild, roleplay, and more. It is at first free. However, there is a brick limit on Demo Mode. You have a limit of 150 bricks. So if you want the entire game, you need 20.00 American dollars. This will also let you play online with other people. Since that was not enabled on Demo Mode. This game is played with over 20,000 enabled accounts across the globe.
Guy 1: Hey I was playing Roblox yesterday, and I found that it's boring. So what should I do now?
Guy 2: Let's look on the internet.
*Both go and type in "Online building game"*
Guy 1: Hey, what's that?
*Points at game called Blockland*
Guy 2: Let's try it.
*Both try and like it*
*So both buy*
by Machine that kills Zombies January 7, 2012
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A shitty Roblox knockoff with low-quality art with a shittier forum that fucks various people over, hopefully it will finally get shut down. Just watch as the defenders try to vote this down in a attempt to censor this.
Blockland is what happens you take Roblox and shove it down a unflushed clogged toilet.
by The Painful Reality April 11, 2020
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