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AKA Eric Hartman, the creator of the game known as Blockland. It's like Legos on the Internet, but sometimes it fails. Badspot is the master of the land, a king who draws naked women, slays ASCII monsters and stares at people. Though his kingdom is prosperous, it is filled with noobs and nogoodniks, rebels and outcasts from other games and lots of people who don't know how to talk. He is plastic and fantastic, but he has a baldspot. Sometimes he throws festivals to give sneak-previews of new additions to Blockland. Other times he is angry. He rarely comes out of his castle and NEVER speaks to the common folk. His trusted advisor, Ephialtes, runs the synchronous land of RTB.

Badspot's BLID is 0. He created the game while living in his parent's basement about 7 years ago, after the failure of Age of Time. He has many impersonators, admirers and enemies.
I hate Badspot, everything he makes goes to the fail bin
by Electropositive October 20, 2010
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Slang for the genital area.
Being in a dangerous position or tense situation.
Wait, what the fuck is a verb?
Badspot is autism
by Douchebag82 July 06, 2012
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Badspot is a man who hates everyone on the internet. He has stolen a game called Land of Blocks, via torrent, and renamed it to Blockland.
He seems to run the game pretty well. Other than the lack of moderators, the forums run smoothly with the greatest set of rules possible.
Often little kids break the forum rules, get banned, then cry.
ex.: Sirken flames Badspot on urban dictionary, because Sirken is an ignorant child and didn't read the rules.
by Chrono_1630 December 02, 2008
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Badspot is the racist admin of blockland, who until recently, has been addicted to hentai, milkshakes, and tacos.
That there badspot banned me for flaming!
by Sirken September 16, 2007
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