1. A state of great happiness
2.The highness you get from drugs...probably
3. An swesometastic song by Muse
1. I am in bliss...he asked me out!
2. Wow, the bliss I get from heroin!
3. They played Bliss at the gig yesterday!
by Kitty_1992 July 1, 2005
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1) A song written by muse...bloody great song, great band too.

2) Happyness, ecstasy and feeling good..see muse for a song called "feeling good" also.

3) The name for a wallpaper on windows xp. The most interesting image made by microsoft.
Give me all the peace and joy in your mind.
by Carl November 24, 2003
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A pleasent state of mind, peace, and happyness, which is what you get (or just what i get) when listening to the fantabulous song by the fantabulous band Muse...

Listen to it, and you'll know why they called it Bliss :)
Bliss qoted lyrics:

Everything about you is so easy to love,
They're watching you from above...
by cajagoogoo November 23, 2005
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1. a state where you feel happy and above all very relaxed. Usually one in state of bliss has seemingly lost all forms of concentration.
2. natural high
3. a very good song by Muse
if you have no worries thats when you have a good chance to enter the state of bliss
by El Jeffo November 26, 2006
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Blisse is a strong confident and beautiful person. People are amazed by her capabilities. Blisse is very spirited happy goofy person. She is loved
Can you believe Blisse was that shady !
by Slygal38 July 23, 2017
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Stands for Beautiful Ladies In Short Shorts.
The meaning of life.
by ha22y September 2, 2013
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at night when i lay in bed i often fantasize about how you're here next to me holding me close how our voices are so low because we are that relaxed and how i run through your hair and over your face (i love doing that) and i give your hands permission to explore me little do you know do you how aroused i get by just one little touch or your short breath on my back my fingers need to trace your form too the outlines as much as the details every hiding inch is of great importance to me
then when our tongues join the exchange let me tell you that there is no other place or time i can imagine id rather be then right here in the smooth wetness of your tongue in the last resort for broken lovers too stupid or hopeful or both to ever give up that promised piece of bliss.
by Krkič March 29, 2020
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