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A phrase which genrally expresses the randomness, hilarity, embarrasment, etc. Often used in chatrooms of various kinds.
PERSON 1: Two hamburgers walked into a bar and the barman said, 'Sorry, we don't serve food.'

A: We squashed oranges in the canteen at lunch.
by Kitty_1992 May 27, 2005

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1. A state of great happiness
2.The highness you get from drugs...probably
3. An swesometastic song by Muse
1. I am in bliss...he asked me out!
2. Wow, the bliss I get from heroin!
3. They played Bliss at the gig yesterday!
by Kitty_1992 July 01, 2005

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Probably one of the best comebacks in the world, ususally because your internal organs implode simultaneously whilst trying to hold in the laughter at this comment. This is awesome because faces are all different and have varying degrees of attractiveness. Also this comeback is just plain random.
A: Life sucks
B: Your face sucks!

1: You stink like crap
2: So does your face.
by Kitty_1992 June 06, 2005

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An overall much more fun version of the phrase omg, mostly because you can make it sound more shocked, and secondly it's not as commonly used.
WHOAMG what the hell is that?
by Kitty_1992 May 28, 2005

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The police who check for junk e-mail.
I am a spamcop, and I'm arresting you under suspicion of sending spam about I-Pods. You need not say anything, but it may aid your defence if you do.
by Kitty_1992 July 01, 2005

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One of those ultimate comebacks, like your mum and your face. Not as commonly used.
A: This smells
B: Your arse!

1: Move outta the way!
2: Your mum!
1: Ya what?
2: Your face!
1: What the hell?

- A situation that actually happened to one of my friends.
by Kitty_1992 May 27, 2005

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An altogether much more fun variation of omg, simply because it has so much more feeling to it.
ZOMG that really fit guy asked me out.
You're joking?

ZOMG look at that dead cat!!!
by Kitty_1992 July 01, 2005

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