The platonic form of male masturbation. Blipping is the natural motion which occurs when a man (presumably) lightly pinches the side tissue of his penis as a form of self soothing.
When I'm blipping, I'm happy. Blip to the tip for a great relief.
by zozo420 May 19, 2017
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1) A platonic way for guys to achieve mild orgasm. Blipping is when you use the good ol' pinch and roll method to soothe the itchy areas of your balls, but instead of rolling the skin, you sink your nails deep into the itchy patch of skin and then slowly and gentling clawing at it. When performing this, it will give you a great deal of soothing pleasure (and will make your balls incredibly sensitive). It is also more commonly known as pinch and dig.

2) The prelude to male masturbation. In this sense, blipping is the natural motion which occurs when a man lightly puts pressure on the side tissue of his penis with his thumb, as to get stiff for something they're about to get off to.
1) When I'm blipping, I'm happy. Blip at the source of the itch for the best relief.

2) As a notification lit up my screen and saw that it was from a hot chick on Tinder, I naturally began to blip.
by UwUltimateDoge August 17, 2020
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Blip blip is often used within the Melee community to imitate the noise made by Fox or Falco's shine
by Couch Noodle May 1, 2016
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A term used to described ones depressive/demoralized feelings in a way that won't result in a "deep and meaningful" conversation, stealthily avoiding ridicule from fellow peer members, whilst simultaneously imposing their prejudiced opinions of those in actual need of help by satirizing demoralized stereotypical behavior.

Or at least that's the general idea

Best used with the term "sad face goes Blip Blip Blip!" prior to inflicting an act of utmost pitiful nature, such as dancing around in circles wearing a paper bag over ones head.
Guy1: Hey, I heard that Johnny's been acting weird lately

Johnny: Blip blip blip!

Guy2: Yea, his girlfriend broke up with him because he kept dancing around in circles with a paper bag on his head

Guy1: Well at least he's not slashing his wrists like any other stereotypical teenager

Guy2: Lets go shopping!

Guy1: Blip blip blip...
by Admu August 13, 2009
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As in a blip on a radar screen - A piece of information (usually a picture or video/audio clip) that gets passed from person to person via email that momentarily becomes part of the collective consciousness of the Internet but quickly fades into obscurity only to be recalled hazily later at parties.
"Hey, did you get the blip of the guy on the Home Shopping Channel falling off the ladder and landing on his head? No? I'll ping you with it tomorrow."
by Joshua Rosenquist May 6, 2005
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The person you get when you mix Bloods and Crips.
Gang color is Purple.
1:Ay yo who you roll wit?
2:Dem Blips...
1:Damn sucka you betta get yo ass back to Kansas
by get it right 101 July 2, 2006
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