Jewelry or Riches.
Mainly "Gold" or "Platinum" and "Diamonds" are the source of all of this.
Man, you see dat wiggah? He be bling-blingin' it up, Fosheezie!
A memorable crackhead made famous by the infamous Bum Fights Videos. He went on to have an entire DVD devoted to his antics. He likes to take shits on the sidewalk, and sing in such a way that makes it completely unintelligible. Oh yea, he smokes a lot of crack too.
Timmy :Did you see that Bum Fights video?

Scooter : Yea, Bling Bling was, by far, the best part of that whole movie.
by Barbosa August 14, 2005
any jewllery that is shiny and flashy
including silver, gold dimands, platnum, could also be fake but as long as it looks good!
by thug_b June 12, 2005
really fancy jewelery(chains,rings)
She be bling blingin in that chain.
by MayMay December 11, 2001
Bling Bling has a special exhibit at National Zoo in Washington, D.C.
by bah-ling bah-ling January 16, 2003
~Bling bling is dead~. It can no longer be used in a stylish manner to describe shiny jewels or rims.

Its death was caused by too many white people using it loosley.
jon: hey look at this bling bling i be wearin.
Me: your sucha a cracka, and you aint fly
by Tdowns August 16, 2007