A phrase created by Weezy F. Baby (Lil Wayne)resembling the imaginary sound of a sparkling Diamond.
The song "Bling Bling" can be found in the album "Chopper City in the Ghetto" released in 1999 by B.G. featuring cashmoney members including Lil wayne who sings the chorus "Bling Bling". Since then, this phrase has been popular in the hip-hop culture.
"Bling bling
Everytime I come around yo city
Bling bling
Pinky ring worth about fifty
Bling bling
Everytime I buy a new ride
Bling bling
Lorinsers on Yokahama tires
Bling bling" - Lil wayne Verse #2, "Bling Bling"

by BPierce April 25, 2008
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A piece of jewlery... Gold, and/or silver. Most gang members will wear them and/steal them. Most white people will wear them to look "cool". Pimps will most likely be wearing them with pink or velvet cloths.
by Mitch-Crazy July 26, 2005
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unnessesarily large display of jewlery, normally encrusted with rediculous amounts of jewls. usually worn by rappers.
50 cent gots the biggest bling bling around.
by OChottie June 24, 2007
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the act of going on a very expensive shopping spree usually buyiing a mercedes, or a diamond studded rolex
by bob June 27, 2003
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