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A person, the vast majority of the time a female, who acts too nice to be real in order to lure in pathetic dopes and use/betray them, frequently crushing the victim's soul in the process. Symptoms of fakeness include wearing a huge, phony, Botox-looking smile the entire time, saying "Hiiiiii! How are you!" a lot, using an overly sweet tone of voice that's so dripping with sap it makes you want to vomit, and just generally being overly perky all the time. A fake chooses her victims very carefully, usually very naive individuals, waits until the victim has divulged their deepest, darkest secrets, then spreads them all over the school and makes sure the victim is absolutely miserable. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
A fake meeting her victim:

Fake: Hiiiiiii! You look really lonely. Do you need a friend? You can trust me with anything.
Victim: That would be really nice...I never have had any real friends before.
Fake (under breath): Ha! She took the bait! THIS is gonna be good!
by the-anomaly July 5, 2006
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The lead singer of My Chemical Romance. He has an obscene number of fangirls who apparently think he's the sexiest thing on the planet, and they fail to realize the fact that he looks like a pasty-faced corpse and is incredibly ugly. He doesn't sing, he screams like he's being strangled.
Fangirl: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Gerard Way is SO friggen sexy!!!!!111 I wanna have his babies!!!!!!!!111

Me: Shut up! Idiot...
by the-anomaly July 5, 2006
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A male, usually college-age, who is considered to be buff because he has freakishly huge muscles, plays a lot of sports, and is more often than not very tanned. Many women, especially those who might be referred to as bimboes, find beefcakes attractive, but they fail to realize that beefcakes' brains are contained in their biceps. Beefcakes can be found at college football games, gyms, and if they are comfortable with exposing themselves in such manners, Chippendales.
Geez, I was hoping some nice, smart guys would be here, but all I see are beefcakes.
by the-anomaly November 24, 2006
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Huge, flashy, often tacky jewelry worn by the hip-hop crowd or pretty much anyone who considers himself/herself to be "ghetto". The word probably came from the noise that accompanies the little shiny spark on jewelry in old cartoons. Examples of bling-bling include big diamond pinkie rings or gigantic diamond stud earrings, but usually it means a very large gold chain or diamond-encrusted pendant.
"Yo, homie! Check out my new bling bling!"

(hauls out enormous hubcap-sized pendant)
by the-anomaly July 8, 2006
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A person (almost always a female) who tries to be as good and "clean" as humanly possible. She is more often than not a staunch conservative and takes pride in her virginity and her practice of abstinence. She is definitely a God-fearing girl who always goes to church every Sunday, and indeed, based on the way she dresses, she looks like she's going to church every day. She cannot abide it when people cuss in front of her–the most extreme goody two shoeses faint when hearing foul language–and of course she would never consider smoking, drinking, doing drugs, or having any physical contact with a boy beyond holding hands or perhaps a kiss on the cheek. Can be nice but eventually begins to lecture you about your "sinful" lifestyle and just becomes a pest.
"Oh no, she wouldn't even think of going to that house party. She's such a little goody two shoes."
by the-anomaly July 8, 2006
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