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Blerina A beautiful and attractive girl who is very shy and smart. She most likely has brown hair and beautiful eyes. You are very lucky if you know a Blerina
Hey do you know Blerina?

Yeah she’s really pretty
by Blerina December 17, 2018
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Blerina A smart,Funny girl with dirty blonde hair. She has a great humour to make people laugh!
Also Might get stalked (as a joke Though!)
Aiden: That’s got to Be A Blerina!
Aleida:OMG!It is a Blerina!Because she is making her friend laugh!
by πŸ‘‘ChloeπŸ‘‘ June 15, 2018
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Blerina, a very pretty and attractive girl,Who most has light skin and dirty blonde hair and will get stalked..
Hey Blerina is the most cutest girl every
by Da Guinean April 17, 2018
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