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A realy pretty, attractive girl. Usualy tallish, brown/tan with a model figure. Is shy around people she just met but once she is comfortable around you shes loud, funny, sarcastic, crazy, risk taking , sometimes wierd. Is heartless, she just never shows it. Observent and can read how people realy are and feel, even if she doesnt know you well. Is very sporty and inside is a tomboy. Has a lot of guy friends and a lot of guys seem to be realy interested in her but she doesnt pay any attention to them. If she notices you from the rest, then your something different to her which is good. In a relationship she is loyal and a understanding girlfriend. Someone you can talk to about anything and a girl you take to your family. The way she is you easily fall in love with her. Every guy shes talked to has felt something special for her. Best person you can know.
Carlos: " Ey Alberto, theres this girl Aleida and I think I like her."
Alberto: " Damn what guy hasnt felt something for her, trust me you wont get a chance with her, but if you do your lucky"
by babbalabbadingdong November 08, 2011
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Beautiful, Sweet, is very commited in there relationships. Is very social, stays on the phone or Facebook a lot. Likes to sing.
I love Aleida.
by Mr. Velazquez July 06, 2011
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the type of girl who has a crush but will get nowhere because of that one girl. she has best friend who laughs when reading because its scarily true.
aleida,dont you dare block me!
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