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The most sexiest girls on the planet. They are very hard headed and tough , very independent. Will not let no man control her. They are always ready to fight if they have to but they also know how to keep it classy !!! The most beautiful girls in the world are albanian girls ! Their language is the most graceful and sentimental.
Dont mess with that girl ! SHES ALBANIAN!
Shes beautiful ! yeah i know shes albanian
I love when albanian girls whisper " TE DUA "
by Jack Santiago April 15, 2012
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An Albanian girl is a Sexy Mediterranean Girl....
Is that sexy girl, italian, is she Greek?....No She's an Albanian girl.
by thomas King III May 24, 2009
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A tourist!

Most Albanian girls are often confused as men because of their hairy features and masculine appearance.

They are also often refereed to as "Sworn Virgins"
Hey, that sure is one weird looking guy! No, thats an Albanian Girl.
by nthbeach November 12, 2010
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