To Blog and Tweet about something at the same time.
Yo, I'm getting ready to Bleet about my new art project, even though nobody reads my blog and I have like three followers on Twitter.
by DJ Sauna December 21, 2009
A word used by George Holland at Chaucer Technology College, in Canterbury. This word was used in an angry argument between the teacher and the student. The meaning is to put something off and answer back.
'But Sir..'
by Christopher Haore October 13, 2008
oooo, wut you boys dooin? ya'll schemen sum bleet bleet?
by criddlebacha November 11, 2006
what a freshly made llama says when they piss off admins in a counter strike server.
by kr3w May 18, 2005
Bleeting - A hybrid of blogging and tweeting, as in posting to a blog with a maximum of 140 characters. A form of journalism as haiku.
The Wall Street Journal had a live blog of President Barack Obama's Feb. 24, 2009 speech in which editors were bleeting -- posting 140 character comments as the President spoke.
by JBBlanco February 26, 2009
Feeling righteously bleeted and alive in the present moment, generally in a state of complete and utter contentment
by tall-rude-bwoy July 15, 2009