My friend Derek.He realized he bleeds out his anus every time he does e. He had been doing it for half a year.
by Insurmountable Jackass January 7, 2005
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1 MY ANUS IS BLEEDING!; 2 the most random cartoon short ever made ; 3 A Film by Don Hertzfeldt
While in the bathroom, Paul noticed that his anus was bleeding , like the bleeding anus cloud, due to his extreme constipation.
by tigmastaflex November 14, 2006
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Anus Bleeds occur when you shit so hard, that your butt hole begins to bleed. It can also occur from huge stunning record breaking shits. Diarrhea that just burns and rips you up from squirting out way to fast. Or from wiping to hard or to much, to be clean.
That Taco Bell gave me horrible anus bleeds for three night.
by KingFett September 26, 2014
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the fun childhood game of Slip and Slide where you put a piece of yellow plastic on the front lawn, covered it with water, run and slide accross it. However, Slip and Bleed From the Anus is the same game, but dad forgot to check for rocks beofre he set it down.
"...this game would have been much more fun if dad had remembered to check for rocks before he set it down. Slip and Bleed From the Anus they should have called this game!"
by Taners April 4, 2006
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Is what they should have called the slip n' slide, would have been fun if dad checked for rocks.
Dane: "watch this ma'" *pttth, NOOOOOO! AHHHH!!!
by Nick May 8, 2005
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A steady stream of blood that pools in your anus until it eventually gets too large for your anal cavity to hold and it explodes causing the blood that was in your anus to go all over the place.
I lOvE tO dRiNk ThE bLoOd FrOm My AnUs BlEeD!
by TEES DADDY! January 5, 2018
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