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That homeless dude seen around the streets of wellington (usually sleeps outside burger king tory st.) Is a weird fullah but harmless, He is distinguishable by weaing almost no clothes other than a purple blanket of which he covers himself with. His Real name is Ben Hana and worships the Sun.
BOB: The Blanket man and ludes dude must be edging closer to a turf war - Blanket Man outside Burger King and Ludes Dude outside Starmart, thats like only 15 metres apart, Theyll be drawing the guns next, who do you think will win?

FRED: The Fuzzys. Theyll both be given free food and shelter, mind you Blanket man needs a house, and ludes dude needs to go to rehab.
by Brother Number One August 13, 2005
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Blanket man is a wellington icon who earn't his fame by doing virtually nothing. He is commonly seen sporting a pair of skimpy underwear and a raunchy purple blanket (hence the reason for his name) Until recently he did not wear any underwear but now the law requires him to. You can find him at any giving time roaming courtenay place and is most commonly seen outside the burger king on tory street. He graciously accepts any burgers offered (preferably cheese burgers)

Ben is a self-proclaimed devotee of the Māori sun god Tama-nui-te-rā and claims that he should wear as few items of clothing as possible, as an act of religious observance. As a result, he is also tempted from time to time to remove all his clothing, which results in the consequent attendance of police officers.

Blanket man also known as Ben Hana has been arrested and imprisoned from time to time for the following offenses:

-Public Nudity
-Possesion of cannabis
-Driving when drunk
-Driving unlicensed vehicle

In 2010, a judge ordered that Hana be made a mental health patient to be housed in Wellington Hospital's psychiatric ward 27, where "he will have clean clothes, regular meals, and no access to alcohol and drugs".

its interesting how blanket man is perceived by many people. Some find him to be a public nuisance and others a figure of amusement, sympathy, disgust and at times even academic interest.
"Hey look its Blanket Man!"

"Lets give him a burger!"
by nomityyyynom January 21, 2011
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a man in a blanket. he is most likely a pervert, blanket men can be found on many different social networking sites including but not limited to: hot or not,, omegle, etc. to not talk to the blanket man. they can be dangerous, and will often try to trick you.
Mary: i met someone online the other day.
Kim: who was it?

Mary: his name was blanket man.
Mary: fine… calm your tits.
Blanket Man: its too late…. i found her…
by claireknowshershit April 29, 2014
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