1 definition by X_BeeG

Blanka is a nice girl that you will likely be friends with. She is clumsy, makes weird faces, but is an amazing friend at the same time. She has many friends and stays on track with all of them, taking care of them all at the same time. She is very selfless and cares about everything, even things as small as an ant. If you have a Blanka in your life, you're very lucky because you have that one friend that can hold your ice cream for you whilst your tying your shoe lace. She is someone that can walk into a sad room making it happy within seconds by pulling out a cringey inside joke or two, still managing to make you smile! She takes care of animals all day and everyday and loves her family members. Fake people aren't a worry for her because she always has her curling iron on hand, plastic melts, right? Who doesn't love a Blanka?
by X_BeeG January 8, 2019
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