An anomaly found on the X-Files, a popular sci-fi show that ran for 9 seasons, and spawned many other take-offs involving slightly-similar circumstances. (CSI and other shows like that can be argued to have been influenced by the X-Files) At any rate, the super soldier was, as its name suggests, a genetically modified person, often nearly indestructible. One way of destroying it would be to somehow lure it near a large formation of rocks that contain copious quanitities of iron, which would then attract its metal body and kill it.

Also can be used to describe players of sports that are seemingly awesome at everything, or just incredibly good at one thing.

An amazing person, colloquially
That super soldier almost blew Mulder's head off! Oh no!

Jerome Bettis is a super soldier, nothing will ever stop the Bus!

I am a super soldier, look at my aweXome hacker skills and my mod car that goes 50 billion miles an hour!!!!
(to which a non-idiot would reply) Shup, you listen to Green Day and act like you are the first groupie
by Hans le Noir December 3, 2005
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To be submerged in a fifty-five gallon drum filled with tapioca pudding and butt fucked by a female midget with a rake
Bro the initiation for gamma beta ray is the tapioca super soldier
by Dracken Black September 1, 2021
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A physically or mentally superior soldier to standard soldiers in that they are more capable is some extraordinary way.

Many sci-fi programs list telepathy or remote viewing as super soldier qualities and they are however Olympic athletism, uncommonly mentioned significantly increased heart rates, or being able to think in higher dimensions are also super soldier abilities when combined with combat.
Thats not a human being anymore, he's a super soldier. Like can accelerate his heart rate consistently to 240 without reprecussion.
by WGstyles July 28, 2023
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