when 1 drunk or faded person goes down
I called it 1 down.
by Haywood jablowmeigh July 21, 2008
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It's not a regularly used word in some cases. Generally to sum it up this type of down syndrome is way different. If you have class 1 it means that you are on the levels beyond stupid. You can suffer from eating Tide Pods, chalk, or key caps from your keyboard. On other lines you could be shoving screwdrivers up your ass or knives and twisting them.
Teacher: HEY! YOU! Get over here! No fireworks in school!
Retard: AAAAAAWWWW! *Shoves firecracker up ass and ignites it.*

Teacher: Well he did have Class 1 Down Syndrome.
by ratchetedboi12 February 26, 2017
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when someone has no thumbs up and 1 thumb down. pathetic enough to have a thumb down, but not noticed enough to have multiple thumbs down. aka the epitome of self pwnage multiplied by everyone who overuses lol.
someone who has 1 thumb down racks up so many nub points that they are court ordered to have their testicles removed

they also vaporize in the presence of Chuck Norris
by Hauntedfox August 31, 2008
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having to take a piss
(first originated while camping)
i just drank alot of water and i need to go 1 log down.
by Don Faith June 4, 2006
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To smoke a cigar to the nub. Also said as “Rip 1”.
Person 1: What’s the wave tonight?

Person2: I’m on ice, jus gonna Rip 1 Down with my team.
by BostonFocus June 1, 2019
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