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Popularized by Miami rapper Rick Ross, trilla comes from the root word "trill", a combination of "true" and "real". Ross' new album is entitled Trilla, and he has confirmed that it is a play on the notorious Michael Jackson album Thriller.
Wayne: "Tony is always snitchin' to tha police."
Rick: "Yeah, we way more trilla than him."
by JoeyJoeJoeyJoe August 13, 2007
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Another definition of Miami's own Rick Ross's slang term. Trilla is a combination of "true" "real" and "ill" (as in sick or cool).
Trilla is used to describe someone who is the ultimate in being true and real to people, as well as keeping stuff awesome and fresh.
Trill is also used and means the same thing as trilla.
"I can't believe how awesome ABDC is this year!"

"I know! It's filled with trilla's!"
by furious_owls August 19, 2009
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True + Real = trilla
An expression that can be used in just about every situation. Created by the world known Timdrenaline.
"I spent all day yesterday playing Gears of War 2. It was awesome."

"I think I just swallowed a fly..."
by StarEater May 16, 2010
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Trilla is a word used to describe those who are massive gangbangers that are boss. Trilla's are rumoured to also be equipped with well endowed male genitalia.
Person 1: Hey did you hear about James and Nathan?
Person 2: Yeah, they're such trilla's
Person 1: I heard they have massive ..
Person 2: Same here
by Anoura May 14, 2009
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An unkept woman that weighs at least 300 pounds. Orgins of this term come from tri (three) and zilla (abnormally obese woman).

Trillas often travel in packs and yell in screechy voices as to scare off any normal women in the area that may expose them as the terrible creatures they are.

While being excessively hairy is a common feature among trillas, it is not a defining characteristic.

For further visual examples of a trilla, see the popular TV show "COPS".
Damn, this bar is full of trillas. Lets leave before they crush us with their massive bodies.
by Prangmang April 03, 2006
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