A Blake is a Comedy relief character of life. He is smart in mechanics but idiodic in real life situations. He usually plays childrens games such as Pokemon, Bayblade, and/or Yugioh, and spends most of the day play XBOX. He can usually be found in a darker skin tone (Friends call him Black) and a small, but noticeable 'fro. He is a liar at times at falls in love with girls who are somewhat unattractive. He makes weird noices that sound like geese, moose, or a clown. He can have many nicknames that range from B-Flake, Dr.Beef, Doctor Beuf, Blake Blake, ect. He is found all over the world, but the worlds famous Blake lives in Dawson City, Canada
Guy 1: Dude, Why are you using a level 5 Squirtle against a level 100 Pikachu?
Blake:Shut up I know what Im doing
"Squirtle just fainted"
Guy 1: Geeez, what a Blake
by B-Flake June 20, 2011
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A total asshole that dates girls only to get to their best friends.
person 1: "Hey their Blake."
blake: "hey"
person 1: "this is my friend"
by welloshproom March 11, 2009
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The baddest mother fucker to walk the high seas. He punched Jesus in the dick and shat on his grave. He then fucked Mary and made the second cumming. God weeps for him. Satan worships. However, he has a baby dick.
Blake: Aw shit dude, I just fucked the virgin Mary
Hot chick: Too bad you have a baby dick
by BootyMcgee November 13, 2013
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a blake is a person who will shrivle up and or explode when exposed to sunlight or radiation. a blake will also have feet simalar to that of "froto baggins" and will unknowingly put his feet right in front of your mouth like a total jackass. another distinct characteristic of a blake is a putrid smell of rotting pigs feet and sweaty sumo wrestlers. a blake will ackwnoledge that he smells this way but wont do shit about it!
"man you smell like a blake"
"ya sorry"
"well take a damn shower"
"hey did you take shower"
"ya....smell me" (after smelling you experience gag reflex)
"you still smell like ass and get your feet out of my face"
"ok sry"
by quest 111111111111111 April 05, 2008
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A slightly naive, sort-of funny guy. Burps loudly in math/science class. When a girl breaks up with him, he acts like a total jerk. He's cute, but once you get to know him you'd rather stay in the friend zone. A great friend to have and talk to, but just a friend.
Blake: *buuuurp*
Me: You're so gross.
Blake: I know.
by O-grrrl May 05, 2011
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(verb) to approach a potentially dangerous situation completely unprotected, and to complete the task with total disregard for repercussions.
1. Can you believe that Greg is blakeing a toilet at a Tex-Mex restaurant right now? How repulsive!

2. I can't believe I blaked that girl last night. Now I have to worry about doctor bills and child support payments.
by TedP82 March 30, 2010
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Blake is a slang word they use in engand which means a male who likes to give another male a blowjob and who would stick there penis up another males ass, another word for this would be homosexual.
man that blake kid is a real blake!
by Tugger craft February 09, 2009
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