A reddit kid, some phrases they say “dat boi “smol bean” “oof” “do you watch call me carson?” Their whole personality is revolved around self depricating jokes and doing weird poses
by LeMrSeto April 23, 2020
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The term ‘band kid’ means someone that basically lives and breathes a certain selection of memes. These types of ‘memes’ are usually deep fried, t-pose, bruh, 🅱️, thicc, Soviet Russia, roblox oof sound, 🅱️eter griffin, big chungus, Alexa play despacito, liek if u cride, etc. ‘Band kids’ stereotypically like beating it to Pokimane, watching Call me Carson, playing Minecraft, listening to monstercat, watching Reddit text-to-speech videos, PewDiePie, and a bunch of other weird shit. I hope that explained it.
John: 🅱️ig chungus is hella thicc

Jeffery: This was actually garbage.
Joel: Bruh this guys pfp is some USSR shit and uses 🅱️in 2020, he’s definitely a band kid.
by Solvo November 3, 2020
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The annoying kid that squeezes out a meme in every sentence.
Normal kid: Hey band kid

Band kid: Hey wassup bruh uwu xd its Wednesday my duuuuudes ooof
by JsYumYum July 11, 2020
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Someone who is often times a complete social outcast. Also known as Reddit lurkers Keep in mind that not all kids who participate in marching band are band kids. Band kids will often times repeat the phrase “marching band is a sport too” or “the marching band is the most important part of the football game”.
An example of a band kid action which actually happened at my high school: during the last football game the seniors stepped onto the field and their names were called off. A few kids in the marching band were saluting to the seniors. They were not asked to do this.
Band kid: Callmecarson is my waifu.
Normal person: What a band kid thing to say.
by KanyeVision2k20 January 14, 2021
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Also known as the Reddit kid, band kids are defined by an obsession with Reddit, Pewdiepie, and gaming (particularly PC gaming and Nintendo switch), strange and awkward mannerisms, and a tendency to make weird poses, talk fast, and regurgitate old memes. They tend to also like anime and anime-related things (such as Pokemon games), and likely have an anime profile picture on their social networking accounts. Band kids are likely active on Discord and are often moderators on there and/or Reddit. They frequent r/pewdiepiesubmissions and r/dankmemes, and look down on those who use Instagram and TikTok as “normies.” This culture is common amongst kids in high school marching band (hence the name) but it is not limited to them. Band kid/Reddit kid culture may overlap with weeb culture and neckbeard culture, and is prominent amongst individuals beyond high school age. Think of the band kid as the neckbeard when they were in high school. Everyone knows at least 4 of these kids from high school.
Band kid 1: I just donated 500 dollars from my mom’s credit card to pokimane! keanu chungus wholesome 100 See you at band tomorrow!

Band kid 2: I can’t make it tomorrow big oof I’m gonna be busy playing Smash Bros on my Nintendo switch epic gamer moment Do you think my cat is big enough for r/chonkers?

Band kid 1: bruh of course, you’ll be raking in the karma with that one soviet union national anthem
by donaman September 12, 2020
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Usually a cringy young person who is in a school band class and acts like a crackhead.

Someone who plays "Soviet national anthem (earr*pe version) on the aux cord.
"That annoying band kid has terrible taste in music"
by AreUkiddingBoi June 30, 2020
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The Band kids are a subculture native to the marching bands of high school that share the common characteristics of having a greasy hair complexion, obsession with the national anthem of the now-dissolved polity of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and being unfunny. Often found in marching bands in high schools, they also have a significant diaspora in the social media communities of Reddit and Discord, with some residing in Tumblr or Twitter. Diverse politically and sexually, most are irreligious and introverted, with varying hobbies. Naturally, most of these band kids have no obligation for showering, causing their greasy hair style, and are very repetitive too.
Geez, this band kid is still sharing the same unfunny memes by airdrop.
by bruhinator 2000 March 10, 2021
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