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A reddit kid, some phrases they say “dat boi “smol bean” “oof” “do you watch call me carson?” Their whole personality is revolved around self depricating jokes and doing weird poses
by LeMrSeto April 23, 2020
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" My sneaky link REARRANGED me last night y'all don't even know 😫"

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"Are you dumb why'd you think I'd tell you their name? Dumbass it's called sneaky link for a reason."
by Doja's simp April 09, 2021
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The most out-of-touch, unfunny and awkward people you can find at any high school. They frequent Reddit and constantly regurgitate old memes they hear on the website. Can also be seen in anime or video game-related events and clubs, as well as the band room.
Person 1: Who’s playing that annoying ass music?
Person 2: That’s just the band kids in the back.
*Soviet Union Anthem Earrape playing over an Android speaker*

Person 1: Turn that bullshit off.
Band kid: That’s not very wholesome of you!
by Glizzy_Goblin July 22, 2020
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A "band kid" is a high school kid who's entire life revolves around being in marching band
They're personality is that they are in marching band
They're often total spergs incapable of talking about anything other than band and internet memes
An important note is not all kids in marching band are band kids but because there is enough of them to form an annoying band kid culture at almost every high school in the America it's fair to assume most are
Normal member of society: hey band kid
Band kid: Hey I play the (insert random instrument). (Insert latest reddit meme). Did I mention I think that we marching band kids work harder than the football players? Also subscribe to pewdiepie guys lololol we can't let t series win! Oh wow that joke didn't get annoying after 10 minutes. It's so funny! Do you watch pewdiepie?
by Shut up bandy August 24, 2019
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The annoying kid that squeezes out a meme in every sentence.
Normal kid: Hey band kid

Band kid: Hey wassup bruh uwu xd its Wednesday my duuuuudes ooof
by JsYumYum July 11, 2020
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The term ‘band kid’ means someone that basically lives and breathes a certain selection of memes. These types of ‘memes’ are usually deep fried, t-pose, bruh, 🅱️, thicc, Soviet Russia, roblox oof sound, 🅱️eter griffin, big chungus, Alexa play despacito, liek if u cride, etc. ‘Band kids’ stereotypically like beating it to Pokimane, watching Call me Carson, playing Minecraft, listening to monstercat, watching Reddit text-to-speech videos, PewDiePie, and a bunch of other weird shit. I hope that explained it.
John: 🅱️ig chungus is hella thicc

Jeffery: This was actually garbage.
Joel: Bruh this guys pfp is some USSR shit and uses 🅱️in 2020, he’s definitely a band kid.
via giphy
by Solvo November 03, 2020
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One who is in the high school band, and more specifically, the marching band. Probably some of the biggest perverts you will ever happen upon, a band kid's life centers around marching band.
Their life? They have none because it consists entirely of marching band.
It is worth it though and they love every minute (That they're not hating with a passion, such as parades.)

Most wouldn't trade it for the world.
Roll stepping your way through band camp, 'band bus' rides and the shenanigans that go on, competitions and practice.
This is our life.
"Hey, you want to invite Emily to come with us?"
"She can't, she has a football game to go to. Marching band and all..."
"Well, how about Saturday?"
"She has a competition."
"Pep band."
"Does she have ANY day free?"
"Dude, she's a band kid."
by Laura January 08, 2008
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