The act of saying you have to take a dump when you work place requires you to fulfill your job duties, or when a coworker needs help with anything that may resemble an act of work.
Where did Johnny go I thought he was helping you work on that? Oh he Blackmon'd me.
by LMLW January 10, 2022
A exercise routine which employs such workouts as sweep the floor, and streach and yawn.
Clean up this dam place, and do it blackmon style.
by b--rad January 2, 2008
Mars Blackmon first appeared in the movie "She's Gotte Have It" and was played by Spike Lee. Later on he became the Nike and Air Jordan guru from the late 80's through the early 90's starring in commercials along with Michael Jordan to promote the new line of Air Jordan shoes.
"Please, baby, baby, baby, baby, please!"

"Yo! This is Mars Blackmon and I'm chilling with my main man, Michael Jordan!"
by Joe Doc March 28, 2005
An extremley flexible man. he complains about people's calves being "to" skinny. He dances lots and he wears sweaters. he has black frame glasses. HE IS SMART.
Ugh, your such a Jack Blackmon.
by boooooogers. April 12, 2011
A black kid who lives in a white suburb and can't get a alienware from his dad.
That Demetrius Blackmon is a real nigga.
by Gloria Waire September 12, 2006
Friend with everybody, hella Good looking, Smart af, athletic, and gets all the pussy
Evan James Blackmon is one of the coolest people I know
by Spit staight facts August 6, 2018
the best fucking think that will ever happen to you. super caring guy. who always tries his hardest to make you feel like your on top of the world. although he is very lonely he makes others feel important. and will be friends with anyone. all he ever wants is a girl to treat him right, wont lie or cheat. but goes for the wrong girls.. treats girls with the most respect but not afriad to have fun.. makes big mistakes very often, but learns from them. and regrets many things.
he is a brayden michael blackmon
by billy bob dumbass September 26, 2010